Escort Red Line Radar Detector Review

radar detector Both the V1 and the Passport Max feature a full suite of sensors, including K-band, Ka-band, the older X-band, and laser (aka LIDAR).  What is even better is that Escort has shortened the delay in qualifying alerts to around 0.8 seconds, enough to be above the traffic sensor transmission durations, but below enough to still catch I/ or (the rare quick-trigger). I'm all for the V1...once you get the hit counter and simply won't go to something without them! The GT-7 is arguably the best-looking radar detector on the market right now, but Beltronics' flagship is much more than an attractive windshield ornament. The company additionally equipped the radar detector with its Total Shield technology, helping shield the RedLine from any radar detector detectors, including top-of-the-line offerings such as the VG-2 and Spectre.

The escort redline also includes next generation laser detection with multiple sensors strategically positioned to detect even the smallest amount of laser light, including off-axis signals. RedLine's new twin antenna design provides an all-new level of radar performance. Escort includes everything you need to foil the fuzz-comprehensive owner's manual, quick-reference card, quick-release suction-cup windshield mount, coiled SmartCord lighter adapter, mute button, alert lamp, power-on indicator, and a handy travel case. While other detectors use GPS and their own algorithms to determine what's a false alarm and what's a potential threat, that means putting full faith in the detector to predict the human behavior of police. You get all the speed trap detection performance you'd expect from the Redline, as well as total invisibility to any radar detector detector. Segment this detector to run only Ka segs 2/5/8 and turn RDR off and nothing will slip under YOUR radar!

Redline radar detector comes complete with an owner's manual with quick reference card, quick-release windshield mount with suction cups, coiled SmartCord lighter power adapter with convenient mute button, alert lamp, power-on indicator and travel case. The Max flexes all its muscles when connected to Escort Live , the subscription app that collects drivers' findings (cop car spotted, false alerts, etc.) and keeps the detector updated with new intel on red-light cameras and speed traps. The forward and rear detectors help the Redline device detect signals emanating both in front of and behind your vehicle. This radar detector has two true antennas, which allow t to accurately detect frequencies from the front and back. BUT you can add Escort GPS to the Redline by buying the Passport SC55 gps unit.